About Renée Pardo, J.D. and Certified Coach

You Became a Lawyer to Thrive, Not Just Survive. I’m Here to Help You Identify What You Want to Change and Get That Done More Easily and With Less Drama.

I know what it’s like to be a working lawyer dealing with heavy subject matter day in and day out. From family court child neglect removals, juvenile delinquency cases, representing the police during an unprecedented time in New York police reform and ultimately felony jury trial prosecution of child sexual abuse cases, I understand how in a single day you can go from loving what you do to absolutely hating everything about your life.

The stress of constantly being prepared for court and being responsible everyday for things that would ultimately effect the trajectory of so many people’s lives often left me completely depleted. By the time I got home to my family and tended to their needs, something I wanted to do, there was absolutely nothing left I could focus on except making it to the next day. It is not that I wasn’t proud of what I had accomplished in both my family and my career, but I was certainly not living the life that I dreamed of. I was living a life that I tolerated. Worse, I felt guilty for wanting more and I was stuck in an endless cycle of breaking promises to myself, people pleasing and self sabotage of my health and personal goals. 

I was introduced to executive life coaching by accident and initially I thought it was only for those that worked in what was traditionally known as “big law” or for executives on shows like “Billions” a television drama by Showtime that premiered in 2016.  I did not think coaching was for an attorney working in government that barely made mid six figures. I could not have been more wrong.  I realized that I would rather invest in myself and my brain than continue to fill my shopping cart with more clothes, jewelry and other items that I realized were just distractions so that I didn’t feel so bad about my life. 

With the help of a coach I began to actually do  the things I kept saying I wanted to do. I made a difficult transition to a new position to make and ultimately save more money, lost weight, got in shape, healed my relationships at home and slowly stopped doing all the habits that  I knew were not serving me.  Often I used “buffering” as my coach called it, with food in order to not feel discomfort at the end of a long day.  Despite therapy and medical intervention, I still had never been able to get past it until I was coached effectively.

I fell in love with coaching and with learning as much as I could about “thought work” and the human brain. I got my certification in coaching and the causal coaching methodology at The Life Coach School and started to work with women at no cost, initially just to satisfy my certification requirements while I was working at my job. I learned first hand that many of the issues I faced were so common with so many women in law. Everyday for over twenty years I have witnessed women lawyers do amazing things in their personal and professional lives, often without getting credit, attention or proper compensation. At the end of their difficult days , they could just not follow thru on the promises they had made to themselves.

Women lawyers have opened doors for me and I am passionate about giving women lawyers the tools to go beyond what seems possible and expected for them. I am here for all those who are called to do things differently. Leaving my safe pension  job was a huge change I was only able to make because of my belief in coaching and myself. I am here for you however, even if you only desire to make small specific changes. Even small changes that you have not been able to make by yourself, if successfully navigated with a coach, will open the door and make a huge difference to your life and enable extraordinary things to occur.

Stop waiting for things to change on their own. You owe it to yourself as the brilliant, capable woman attorney that you are, to pursue what matters to you most.  You deserve the support to get it done easier and faster. Click below to book your consultation call so we can discuss what you want for your life.

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